Isaiah is the Evangelist of the Old Testament. He talks about man’s need for salvation. Man’s rebellion against God’s directions for a happy life is the cause for all suffering. The book begins and ends on this note. All the evil in the world results from man’s refusal to accept God’s authority in their lives. Isaiah repeatedly showed how foolish it is to reject God’s rule. It always results in pain. Sin demands judgment.

The living message of this book is that acknowledgment of God’s rule is the key to successful human life on every level: individually, nationally, and historically. The only hope for human failure is divine redemption that a God of grace provides. God is not only able but also willing to save. God, in his grace, offers forgiveness to all who will repent without sacrificing his holiness and righteousness. This is accomplished through the suffering servant of Chapter 53, upon whom all our sins have been layed. The Messiah will take the pain of sin upon himself on our behalf. Faith in him will permit God’s justice as well as God’s forgiveness.

It’s good to be forgiven!