In Psalm 89 Unfailing love is the subject. It’s wonderful! In Ephesian’s all those who have received Christ into their lives are referred to as the Chosen of God. In the psalms God addresses the promises he has made to His chosen ones. He makes promises to us! In this psalms he says, I will not break my covenent; I will not take back a single word. I cannot lie. Once He chooses you he says, I’ll stick with you through thick and thin. I’m with you for good and I’ll love you forever.

Of course there will be times that He will discipine us from His love. He goes on to say If you refuse to do what I tell you, if you refuse to walk in the way I show you, if you spit on the directions I give you, and tear up the rules I post for you – I’ll rub your faces in the dirt of your rebellion and make you face the music. But I’ll never throw you out! I’ll never abandon you or disown you! Do you think I’d withhold my holy promise, or take back words I have already spoken? I’ve given my word, my whole and holy word. Do you think I would lie?

WOW! We’re His forever! I don’t think God would lie, do you?