Psalm 83 continues the lament. My troubles have attacked me like a gang of thugs in the bad part of town, Lord. They surround me and shout obscenities at me, and try to scare me and tease me and have fun with me. They don’t care anything about my life. They think I exist for their fun and pleasure. They have no respect for life at all. They don’t even think about the fact that I am one of your children, God. I belong to you and YOU care about me.

Let me name my enemies specifically Lord: Greed, hatred, bitterness, lust, selfishness,discouragement, grudge holding, laziness, frustration, loneliness, etc. etc.,

You have a wonderful plan for my life. You created me for a purpose you and you want me to realize that purpose. These enemies do all they can to keep me from realizing and experiencing your wonderful plan and purpose for my life. My God, I’ve had it with them! Blow them away! Like Rambo – let loose with you weapons and wipe the out. Remove them from my life so I may fully enjoy You and your plan for my life. Blow them away today, Lord! Right now!