I can identify with the writer of Psalm 77. Let me paraphrase it all: I seem to get into trouble a lot. I can make a mess out of things. My life is like an open wound that won’t heal. I bow my head, then wring my hands, I’m awake all night! I can’t even lay may hand on what specifically is my problem. I just know something is wrong. I go over the days one by one. I ponder the years gone by…wondering how to get my life together.

I feel like yelling out to God at the top of my lungs. He still doesn’t answer. I think, “just my luck. God goes out of
business just the moment I need Him. But then I remember what He has done for me in the past, and my faith is restored. He has been faithful. I’m here aint I? I eat, sleep, have all the necessities. Plus so much more.

As we start another week, I want to remind you of three things: God’s faithfulness in the past, God’s presence in the Present, and God’s power for the future.