Verses 1-3 of Psalm 47 calms our fears. Since God is always available when we need Him we don’t have to be afraid of anything. If a valconoe explodes and melts a mountain, so what? If an earthquake comes and sinks a city, it’s alright! If a Hurricane causes havoc, we don’t have to worry. Verse 2 in the living bible says that Even if the world blows up we don’t have to be afraid. The reason is recorded in verses 4-7, because God is on our side and ever ready to help us, defend us, and fight for us.

So God says directly to us in verse 10: Calm down, and learn that I am God. Or another translation says to Be still and know that I am God. Another says to stand silent.  No matter how you translate it, howerver, God is telling us to chill out! In other words God is telling us to relax, He’s got everything under control!

Isn’t that a wonderful thought for the weekend! Keep it with you: calm down, God has it all under control!