The life of David, chapters 10-29, illustrates the supreme importance of recognizing God in national life. The writer presented David as a strong model king. He selected four pictures from David’s life. The first of these was his crowning that shows God’s choice of him. The second was his capture of Jerusalem that was the victory that led to the temple. The third picture was his mighty men. It shows his influence on personal character and his true power. The fourth was the gathering of multitudes behind his leadership that shows his influence on the masses. All of these pictures are in a sense background for what follows concerning David.

Chronicles shows us that David’s greatness was his attitude toward God that expressed itself in his attitude toward the temple. David’s care for the ark (a symbol of God’s grace) and his desire to build the temple (a symbol of worship that responds to God’s grace) reveal his deepest passion in life. His master passion was that Israel should never forget the God who had chosen her for special blessing in the world. We can see that his great desire was not simply to build the temple. When God told him through Nathan not to build it, David accepted this. He was content to gather materials and to make plans because he saw the temple as a way of helping Israel remember her God.

David was a man after God’s heart! I want to be one of those. Don’t you?