1st Chronicles is a difficult book to read. Plodding through all the “begats” will wear you out. More than one traveler through the Bible gave up upon reaching this book. But don’t let the trees spoil the view of the forest.

The central subject of 1 and 2 Chronicles is the temple of God. Someone evidently wrote these books at the end of the Babylonian exile to encourage the Israelites to reestablish worship of Yahweh. The central passion in David’s life is in view,namely, the building of the temple. Furthermore the reason for David’s passion for the temple is in view. He saw that the recognition of God is of supreme importance in national life.

The genealogy (chs. 1—9) shows that God has chosen to bless some individuals and not others. This was His plan from Adam to Nehemiah. God chose to bring blessing to those who obeyed Him regardless of their other personal abilities or disabilities. Obedience is key to success. We can see a heart for God in obedience to God’s will. There are two reasons God blesses people: His sovereign choice to bless, and our obedience to Him. Character grows out of obedience. Likewise God chose to bring cursing on those who were disobedient to Him regardless of their other personal rights and privileges.

The way to achieve permanence and success in individual life, and the way to achieve stability and success in national life, is to recognize God in life. Throughout history people and nations have succeeded or failed as they recognized God.

Things haven’t changed! Recognition and obedience to God is the route to blessing both nationally and personally! I hope you are blessed this week.