The Psalmist in 135 want us to sing because God chose us, embraced us as a prize possession. Praise Him because of all he did and wants to do for you! He struck down your problems, pains, sorrows, fears. He made your enemies sit up and take notice of how He is going to fight for you as He leads you into a better life, a good life, the best life; ie, His plan for you! His good plan for you! You see what God did for Israel delivering them from Egyptians slavery, He is ready and willing to do the same thing for all of us that love Him. God, you’ll never be out of date. God as always stands up for His people. God holds the hands of His people. As he leads them to a wonderful promised land, specifically designed for them, one at a time! God has a plan for your life. A plan for good and not for bad. A plan to give hope and a future.

So don’t follow after, pursue the three idols of this world; pleasure,possessions, and prestige. They are totem poles, mere trinkets made for quick sale in the market place. They have chiseled mouths that can’t speak. God speaks to you through the world around you and His Word, the Bible!. They have painted eyes that can’t see. God watches over all your problems and cares about you. They have carved ears that can’t hear. God hears every prayer. They are dead wood! Cold metal! Those who trust them to make their lives meaningful and to find happiness become dead wood and cold metal themselves.

Don’t look to anything but God and His Plan for you lives revealed to you in His word. Look for it as if it were the most precious thing in life because it is!