In the book of Amos the standard the God uses to measure us is our treatment of others. God would judge the Arameans because they were cruel to their neighbors, the Philistines because they bought and sold other human beings, Phoenicians traded in human lives in spite of a covenant in which they pledged to do otherwise. The Edomites were unforgiving and took revenge. The Ammonites were cruel. The MOabites were violent and vindictive. The Judahites had despised the Lord’s word regarding what their treatment of others should be. And the Israelites had opporessed the poor and needy even within their own borders.

If cruelty to others makes God angry, it is because his heart is set on kindness. If oppression stirs up His wrath, it is because He desires people to live in peace. If violations of human rights call down his Judgment, it is because he longs for people to experience happiness and well-being. His sovereign government always moves toward the best conditions for humanity.

The New Testament teaches us that to express love for God is to express love for others. Amos says to mistreat others rouses God’s ire!

As we enter into another week be careful how you treat others.