Now Solomon was ready for his conclusion and personal application. What he did was present four pictures of life and attach to each picture a practical admonition for his listeners (and readers) to heed. The development looks like this:

Life is not monotonous at all when lived in light of the God that made you. Life is really an ADVENTURE. Life is anything but predictable and tedious. God gave it to you, trust Him and ive by faith (11:1-6)

Life is not a burden to be carried into a vast empty unavoidable death. No indeed! A life lived in the light of God’s presence, life is a GIFT. Every good thing comes from God. Solomon exhorts us to enjoy it (11:7-12:8) Just as Paul said to Timothy, everything has been created for our enjoyment! In the light of a God who loves us, enjoy His great gift of life.

Life is not a hopeless task beyond all man’s knowledge. There are great things to do in the world and many great, exciting challenges ahead of us. Life is more like a SCHOOL. God created it all for us, Solomon exhorts us to learn your lessons (12:9-12)

Life is not a void that ends in the grave for man and beast alike. There is purpose and design in all creating and in every life. God has given each person a set of skills and gifts and blesses those that love Him with the gift of enjoying the use of them. You see life is a STEWARDSHIP. It’s entrusted in our hands by a God who loves us. Thus, Solomon urges us to fear God keep His commandments and do good in the world. (12:13-14)

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