I remember songs that were popular in the last 30 years or so that attempted to capture the message of Ecclesiastes. An evaluation of man’s purposes in life always lead to the same conclusion:

 “The Answer my friend is blowing in the wind…” Peter, Paul & Mary.
 “You may as well try to catch the wind…” Donovan
 “It’s dust in the wind, everything is dust in the wind…” Kansas

The wisest man in the world recorded these same thoughts 3000 years ago. In Ecclesiastes 2:17 Solomon wrote: “Everything is meaningless, like chasing the wind.” (New Living) “I had been chasing the wind.” (Good News) “…Everything here on earth is useless, like chasing the wind.” (New Century) “When I looked, I saw nothing but smoke. Smoke and spitting into the wind. There was nothing to any of it. Nothing.” (The Message)

From man’s perspective that’s absolutely true. But God has a plan and a purpose for all life! The conclusion of it all is one must trust God. In a trusting relationship with Him, it will all come together. Man will never understand the puzzle of life outside of relationship with God. Further, man will never really find fulfillment in life outside of a relationship with God.

“So I decided there is nothing better than to enjoy food and drink and to find satisfaction in work. Then I realized that this pleasure is from the hand of God.  For who can eat or enjoy anything apart from him?” (New Living)

I’m reminded of another song: “Trust and Obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”

Enjoy the life God has given you this week!