On Life Highway we are either following God’s Map for our lives and traveling on Wisdom Way, or have detoured down Temptation Trail. Proverbs talks much about the difference between those on these two streets. In Chapter 15 we see some contrasts. On Wisdom Way travelers welcome correction (The Message) On Temptation Trail “Moral dropouts won’t listen to their elders.”(The Message) On Wisdom Way “God Loyal people flourish,” but on Temptation Trail “a misspent life is soon bankrupt.”(The Message)

God wants us to strain our efforts to reach Lady Wisdom’s Mansion because, “God loves those who run straight for the finish line.” But “A life frittered away disgusts God.”(The Message)  Those on Temptation Trail are hollow fools “there’s nothing to them.”(The Message)  “It’s a school of hard knocks for those who leave God’s path.”(The Message) It’s nothing but “a dead end street for those who hate God’s” road map for life. Those on Wisdom Way “are always eager to take in new truth.”(The Message) But those on Temptation Trail are fools that “feed on fast food fads and fancies.”(The Message)

The New Living Translations translates 15:14 this way. “A wise person is hungry for the truth while the fool feeds on trash.”