At the beginning of 1st Kings, Before David dies he charges his son Solomon. His words to his son reflect the wisdom that David had gathered over years and years of experience. It’s the wisdom Moses charged the Israelites at Sinai. It’s the wisdom God gave Joshua upon entering the promised land. It’s the age old wisdom God gave to man in the Garden of Eden to which man failed. David attempts to pass this wisdom on to his son Solomon.

This wisdom may be summarized: Careful obedience to the Law of Moses would yield success in all areas of his son’s life. Obedience would constitute his manhood! Since God made man in His own image, man can realize his manhood only by placing himself under God’s authority. David uses varies phrases to represent God’s wisdom; statutes, commandments, ordinances, and testimonies. They are all different kinds of precepts found in the Law. David asserts that Soloman’s success and happiness in life will be dependent upon his following God’s directions in life.

Things have not changed!

Solomon passes that wisdom on to us in the book of “Proverbs.”