Psalm 139 praises God’s OMNI-characteristics. God knows what I think, what I feel at all times. “You know when I leave and when I get back.” (TM) “You precede and come after me.” (NLT) I don’t know how you do it… But you do. Your omniscience (you know everything) your omnipresence (everywhere at same time) and your omnipotence (can do anything) just boggles my mind.

I don’t understand how you can give each of us all of your personal attention at the same time. But you can, and you DO! That’s so beautiful… As a matter of fact, I can’t get away from you… “I’ll run to the sea, sea won’t you hide me..” But you are there! I’ll run underground, you are there! I’ll run to the mountains, you are there. I’ll run to the stars, star won’t you hide me….. AND YOU ARE THERE! I can’t run.. How wonderful… you are there to take care of me no matter where I am! Even when I try to get out from under your loving protection, you are there. I’ll run “to the far horizon . . you are already there waiting.” (TM) Then I realize also, oh,oh! “..He even sees me in the dark.” (TM)  There is no place where you are not..”

I can not dig a pit deep enough to keep God from me! No trouble or problem can prevent God’s salvation!