Oh, No! It’s Monday! Another week! All this stuff to do! All These problems to deal with! I wish I could tackle my tasks like the Psalmist in Psalm 108, in the message translation.

“I’m ready God!, So ready! Ready from head to foot to sing” because you have already won the victory. “I’m already thanking you Lord, out in the streets, singing your praises in town and country. You have already given me the victory over all my enemies….I’m not afraid….”

“I mop the floor…” with Monday mornings! “I spit on…” Satan’s attempt to discourage and distract me! “Take me to the thick of the fight…” I’m ready to do battle! Like Rocky to Apollo Cree, “You ain’t so bad!” Or Like Dirty Harry, “C’mon, Monday, make my week!” Why am I not afraid?? Because I have a God far greater than anything Satan or man can even conceive of, and “In God we’ll do our best: He’ll flatten the opposition for good.”

Nothing can scare us! Nothing can get us down! Not death, famine, hardship, suffering or Monday Morning Blues!

Take Psalm 108 with you Today!