Psalm 19, verses 7 through 11 praise God’s Word. It specific refers to God’s laws as contained in the 10 commandments. The New Testament Teaches us that God gave us the 10 commandments to point out our sinfulness and to lead us to Chris who fulfilled the law on our behalf. But the law, especially the 10 commandments are still relavent for us today. They reflect God’s plan for a healthy, happy, and successful life.

This Psalms praises the law of God. In my paraphrase it says that the 10 Commandments are perfect. They revive the soul, make the simple wise, give joy to the downhearted, bring light to those in the dark, are more valuable than gold or silver, are sweeter than honey to those who follow them.

Making God’s directions for a healthy and happy life our primary goal is how we “pursue Love,” as 1 Cor 14:1 exhorts us. The first 5 commands instruct us on how to Love God. The second five instruct us on how to love each other. Making the moral law our goal is the way to live a life that God rewards.

Lord, help me Love you today!