When 1Samuel began Israel’s tribes were in chaos with little unity or loyalty. Judges led the various tribes, many of whom were weak and ineffecive. Her worship was haphazzard at best due to a corrupt priesthood. The tribes found themselves at the mercy of their enemies. She had no influence and struggled economically.

By the end of 2 Samuel, the end of David’s reign, Israel stood united as a nation behind one king who, although was not perfect and sinned himself, was still a man after God’s heart. Overall, this unity brought great blessing to the Nation. Israel had a revived priesthood which had now been located at a central location in Jerusalem where they enjoyed the support of the throne and looked forward to the prospects of a permanent temple located in the capital city. Her unity had helped her conquer her enemies and she had become militarily strong and respected by the world powers. Furthermore, her economy was growing strong!

No one should expect leaders to be perfect! But we should expect them to be people who “are after God’s will.”