In 1 Sam 23 David was faced with a decision. He heard about the Philistines attacking Keilah. He was in flight from Saul and concerned about his own protection, but couldn’t shake the impulse to help others. But in his confusion, he does something we all should learn to do. Vs 2 says, “He inquired of the Lord, shall I go and attack the Philistines?” When his men expressed their fear of leaving Judah, Verse 4 says, “once again, David inquired of the Lord.” And once again God affirmed his intentions of giving David the victory of the Philistines.

Later in that chapter when Saul hears about David’s move to Keilah, Saul doesn’t inquire of the Lord, but to the contrary he presumes upon the Lord and says, “God has handed David over to me.”

Lord, when facing decisions, let me not presume to know, but always inquire in prayer for your guidance.