Psalm 23…He annoints my head with oil….

I read that In 1989 archaeologists, digging near the place where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, unearthed a two thousand-year-old flask filled with oil. It may have been oil that was used to anoint the kings of Israel! The oil was made from a plant now extinct and by a process now unknown. There will never be any more oil like that. But if you had that flask and were anointed with that oil, it would mean little.  Oil is just a symbol. That’s what the shepard of Psalm 23 means by it.

Day by day we experience that other and more significant anointing described in Psalm 23. Day by day God’s blessings pour down upon our heads, run down our backs, over our foreheads, into our clothes, etc…

Lord, thank you for making my cup run over!