In Ruth 2:13, we read about Ruth’s request of Boaz. She says, “May I continue to find favor in your eyes…” The phrase “find favor in your eyes” is used frequently in scripture. It refers to the attitude of those who look upon us! It is often used as a request toward God. We all want to find favor in God’s eyes. We want to see him look upon us with grace, love, compassion and to always be positive towards us.

According to Bob Shannon, In medieval times there was thought to be a fearful creature dwelling in caves and crevices called a “basilisk.” It could kill people with just one look. Of course, we no longer believe such things, and so our expression is “if looks could kill.” Looks cannot kill, but they can often wound. Looks can also heal, encourage, and comfort.

Lord, as Ruth found favor in Boaz’ eyes, may I find favor in your eyes today. I need your healing, encouragement and comfort!