If you’re reading thru the bible with me, you just began your study of the book of Deuteronomy. Nestle’s Greek New Testament index says that Deuteronomy is referenced at least 95 times in the New Testament (compared to 103 for Genesis, 113 for Exodus, 35 for Leviticus and 20 for Numbers), making it one of the favorite Old Testament Books of Jesus and the Apostles.

Deuteronomy records the 2nd reciting of the “law” to the 2nd generation out of Egypt as they prepare to occupy the Land of Canaan. Deuteronomy means “The SEcond Law.” However, please notice that in english the word “law” has negative connotations but the Hebrew word “torah” which is used here is positive. The law was meant to be instructive, not prohibitive. It is a reflection of God’s deep love for mankind.

God created man out of his basic nature of Love and placed them in the Garden of paradise to occupy, care for, and exercize dominion over all the created order. He lovingly explained his plan and the consequences of failure regarding the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because he loved man so deeply. Man failed through lack of faith followed by disobedience. Sailhammer says in his commentary on Deuteronomy, “what the man and woman lost in the Garden is now restored to them in the Torah, namely, God’s plan for their good.”

You see! God loves you!