God judges rebellion against legitimate authority as we read yesterday and see in Romans 13. Today we have a warning to those in positions of legitimate authority. Moses strikes the rock, rather than speaking to it when the community continue their complaints against his leadership. Everyone lives under some “legitimate authority” regardless of their situation. Moses decided to do things his way rather than God’s way.

Again, we learn, that sooner or later all rebellion is judged. In this case, Moses lost the priviledge of entering into the promised land with the people he had delivered from Egypt and served for 40 years in the wilderness. Notice God’s indictment of Moses, He said, “Because you didn’t trust me…” All rebellion is based on lack of trust. God appointed Moses to lead Israel. Israel didn’t trust Moses. God personally directed Moses, Moses didn’t trust God’s direction & took matters into his own hands. All rebellion is mistrust of God!

Lord, help me to trust you today!