In Leviticus we learn that wrong done to another human being is wrong done to God.  People belong to God, God gives them their lives in trust, and they bear God’s image.  When one person violates the basic rights of another, he has wronged not only that person but God too (cf. Gen. 39:9; Ps. 51:4).

The New Testament teaches us that we show our love for God by loving other people. Jesus combines a verse from Deuteronomy and a verse from Leviticus to explain what laws are most important to God. When asked which law was the most important, Jesus answwered, “You must love God with your whole heart, minds, soul and strength.” Then he quoted from Leviticus, “The second comand is equally important, “you must love your neighbor as yourself.”

I guess John, Paul, George and Ringo were right! “Love is all you need.”