Keeping with the chronological schedule, we move back to the book of Genesis to pick up the Story of Abraham and Isaac. Abraham buries his wife Sarah and seeks wife for Isaac. The hero of this story seems to be an unnamed servant. We can assume this servant is Eleazar, mentioned earlier in the book as Abraham’s chief servant. I think Eleazar has learned a lot from watching Abraham because he entrusted his complete mission to God.

Eleazar prays three times. Each prayer there is a different posture. It might be instructive to us. First he stands and prays for Guidance. He asks the Lord to show him which woman will be the bride for Isaac. When he meets the woman at the well, he senses God’s guidance and then bows down and prays again. Finally when he realizes that God has indeed answered his prayer by leading him directly to the right family and the right woman, he prostrates himself on the ground and praises God!

I’ve suggested that the message of the book of Genesis is Faith. God works in the lives of the Old Testament saints to teach them and us that we can trust him! Eleazar demonstrates that faith. He obeys his masters mission and puts his fate into God’s hands!

That’s it! Obey our Master, Jesus Christ, and put our fate into God’s hands! And just as we’ve learned in Job, even in times when things are painful, we can be sure He will work them out for our good in the end.