Now in Chapter 38, the unexpected occurs. God, whom Job has complained is beyond reach, suddenly appears. But God does not come to be questioned by Job or to answer all his questions and the questions of his friends. Instead, God poses two series of questions and challenges Job to answer. Primarily, his questions ultimately come down to this: “I’m God, Job, you are not. I’ll run the universe and you trust me.”

But I don’t think God is rebuking Job. He’s comforting him. Try reading these chapters aloud, speak gently as you would to your own child who’s been sobbing after an injury. Then you’ll begin to understand that God’s questions were intended to comfort Job, by reminding him, “I’m here. It’s all right. I’m still here.” Further, I believe God is reminding Job of his sovereignty over every issue of life, even the painful ones. He’s saying, “don’t worry, Job. I can handle this! I’m your father, I can take care of this problem. Just trust me.”

I think that’s what God says to all of us in times of trouble. I’m here for you, my child! I’m capable! You can trust me!