Job and his friends try to find God in all their circumstances. Each see things a bit differently and each tries to define God by what they have experienced and by how they understand their experiences. This is very dangerous. We, as mere mortals, can never draw absolute conlusions about God from our experiences. He is great than us in all and in every way.

(Here’s a quote) In essence, human beings simply cannot reason back from any experience to definitely pinpoint a purpose God may have had in permitting it. Thus the three friends, so secure in their condemnation of Job, were completely out of line. And Job was unnecessarily tormented by the doubt his own rigid theology caused.

What an important book Job is! It encourages us to be gentle with the suffering. It teaches us to avoid dogmatism in the foolish belief that we understand God. And it reminds us that whether we understand or not we can always trust our loving God fully.

You see! Trust is the issue! Not understanding. He’ll make it all right in the end!