Genesis 12 records the call of Abraham to forsake his life in Ur and go to a new land that God would give to him and to his descendents. He promised to bless Abraham. To make Abraham prosperous. To bless his descendents. To make him famous in the all the world in every generation. To bless everyone who blesses him and to curse all his enemies. All Abraham had to do was obey!

Here is the message of Genesis. God is worthy of our trust. Adam and Eve failed to trust God. Cain failed to trust God. Lamech failed to trust God. The whole world in Noah’s day failed to trust God. Since they did not find God trustworthy they disobeyed. God would now show the world how trustworthy he is as he calls abraham, the father of those who trust God. Abraham hears God’s call, trusts God to keep his promises, and obeys by following God’s directions. The rest of the book will show us how God keeps his promises to Abraham and his descendents. The message of Genesis is God is trustworthy! He will keep his promises.

By the way, God hasn’t changed. You and I can trust him also. He will keep his promises! Let’s obey him!