It’s easy to get the wrong concept of God and to carry that concept into all we do and think. We need to stay in His Word, The Bible, to be continually reminded of what he’s really like. We can easily lapse into the view that God is like a policeman, hiding behind a billboard waiting for us to do something wrong so he can give us a ticket or arrest us. Sometimes we feel like he’s our foreman, using his talents and skills to get the most out of us as possible. Sometimes he’s like a landlord expecting his payment in season and threatening eviction if we’re ever late.

It’s good to read Psalm 103:13-14 to be reminded by the inspired words of the bible of what God is really like. It says, “The Lord is like a father to his children, tender and compassionate to those who fear him. For he understands how weak we are; he knows we are only dust.” (NLT)

He knows what we’re like. He knows we are weak and need rest. That’s why he created the weekends.