If you ever want to memorize a whole chapter of the Bible, I recommend Psalm 117. It only has two verses. I think it was meant as an introduction to Psalm 118.
It simply says, Let the whole world burst out in applause for God because “His love never quits.” Psalm 118 continues the theme of Never ending Love! The Chorus of every song should be “His love never quits.”TM

“Tell the World!” – You who are saved!
“Tell the World!” – You who preach!
“Tell the World!” – You who belong to God’s family!
“Tell the World!” – You who fear God!
“Tell the World that God’s love never quits.”TM

When I “was pushed up against the wall”TM by my enemies, He stepped in! Fear, loneliness, grief, sadness, depression, meaninglessness, inferiority, all together like “swarming bees”TM they “hemmed me in with no way out.”TM Then He stepped in! Now “I flick off my enemies like flies.”TM “In God’s name I rub their faces in the dirt.”TM
Now “I’m telling the world what God did!”TM
“Salvation, Now! Oh Yes, God – a free and full life!”TM
To all of you, from God, “a free and full life!”