“On your toes everyone!”TM Here comes the Lord! You give honor and applause with standing ovations to entertainers that you like, but God “…towers over all the big names.”TM We should be on our feet giving you honor and praise, Lord. You have set down all the rules of the universe, both physical and spiritual. They are non-negotiable. Just as certainly as the law of gravity may break the bones of falling bodies, so too will the law of righteousness break relationships with yourself and others – making us miserable and unhappy. But you are a “..lover of justice. You laid out things fair and square.”TM You love us with a never ending love. Even though you love us, or because of this love for us “..you punish us when we go wrong.”NLT No indeed, “you are never soft on our sins.”TM So, as Psalm 100 begins “On your feet!”TM
I’m standing, Lord! I’m standing!