Let’s write a new song about how wonderful God is! We should include in it how He saved us from our sins and gave us a brand new life. He has made living worthwhile! He moved me out of the “survival” mode – just getting by one day at a time. He led me beyond the “success” mode – trying to find happiness in accomplishment. And took me to the “significance” level of living. He lifted me out of the pit of despair and meaninglessness with His deep love for me – even when I didn’t deserve any of it! So, let’s write a new song!

“…everybody, strike up the band!” TM
“…let loose and sing…!”TM
“…Round up an orchestra!…”TM
“…Add a hundred voice choir…!”TM
“…feature trumpets and big trombones!” TM
“…Let the sea and its fish give a round of applause..” TM
“…Everything on the earth joining in….” TM
“…Let the rivers clap their hands with glee…” NLT
“…Let ocean breakers call out, ‘encore, encore..” TM
“…and mountains harmonize the finale…”TM
Wow! The song leader wants us to get excited about God! What do you think?