I think the Psalmist is addressing people who get excited about many things in life and shout for joy at football games, sporting events, concerts, and performances, but don’t share the same enthusiasm for God’s incredible works everyday. He asks if you want something to shout about? “God rules: there’s
something to shout over!”TM He then calls everything and every person in the world to celebrate God’s rule “on the double!”TM Do you think that Rock Stars (idols) make a magnificent entrance> Ha! Wait till God comes:
“…huge storm clouds will surround Him…”TM
“…fire blazes out before Him…”TM
“…His lightning will light up the whole world…”TM
“…The Mountains will take one look at God and melt like wax…”TM
He is coming soon! And no one can stop Him and he will “set everything right”TM once and for all!
The writer then turns to those that receive the praise of man and says, “…on your knees (so-called) gods… and worship (the real) God.”TM “He is the High God of the Cosmos…”TM far higher and far greater than anything you could worship or idolize on earth.
Now there’s “something to shout over!”TM