I picture a song leader standing in front of the congregation preparing us to sing a song together. This is his introduction:
Let’s “sing God a brand new song”TM today. He is worth it. “He deserves a thousand hallelujahs.”TM Let’s shout out our praise to God together today. Let’s say, “Bravo, God, Bravo!”TM And let’s call “Encore,” Lord, “Encore!”TM
“Let’s hear (the) sky” sing, with earth joining in.”TM Let’s have “a huge round of applause from (the) Sea.”TM And “Let the wilderness turn cartwheels, animals come dance, put every tree in the forest in the choir…. An extravaganza for God!”TM
We see God in nature and it causes us to sing praises to him. “Thank you for showing us your divine nature and invisible attributes through nature which you have created, Lord. You deserve to be worshipped. Teach me to learn to know you and your ways more fully…”JT Then I will appreciate your greatness better and understand the thrill and enthusiasm of this song leader!
Let it happen today!!