As I studied this Psalm I was reminded of the old movie with John Wayne and the song from the 50’s with the same name “The High and the Mighty.” Here we see that HE, God, is the one and only truly “High and Mighty.” “You are greater than anything we can imagine,” the Psalmist sings. I think he uses an acoustic guitar on this song. “You always have been and you always will be. Even the majestic oceans that seem so expansive and awesome to us fit comfortably in the palm of your hand! You placed the worlds in order, you set the seas where they are – although there are some things man can control, he can’t control them! You are the one in charge! Your decisions are non-negotiable! That’s good for us also, because only you know for certain what is best for us! Lord let us look at how grand you are, and submit unconditionally to your perfect will for our lives.