Strike up the band again and lets sing songs about God! It’s so much fun and He loves to hear us do this. He has done such incredibly wonderful things in our lives we have to sing about it! Let’s sing “You make me so (very) happy!”TM I’m so glad YOU came into my liiiiifffe! I couldn’t help remembering the old Blood, Sweat and Tears song! “Dullards never notice what you do; fools never get it!”TM But not me Lord! I see your hand at work in every area of my life. I remember your faithfulness to me in the past, I am aware of your presence with me right now, and “my ears are filled with the sounds of promise”TM for my future. So Strike up the band and sing, “You make me so, VERY HAPPY, I’m so GLAD YOU came into my LIFE! Aren’t you?