Being where you, God, want me to be is the best place in the world!! I want to live in a room with a view right in the middle of Your will for my life. I want to travel the road you call me to travel (i.e. follow Your plan & purpose for my life).. It’s the best path in the world and the only truly satisfying walk in life. It takes me by springs of living water, and winds around calm brooks that lead to green pastures. I want to go where You are worshipped (in Church?) and join with them that praise you. “One day spent in your house . . . beats thousands spent on Greek Island beaches.”TM “I’d rather scrub floors in the house of God, than be an honored guest in a palace of sin.”TM
My paraphrase of that last verse is “I’d rather scrub floors at Country Bible Church, than be an honored guest at Harvey’s Casino.” In the “way of the Lord” is great joy! God is “generous in gifts and glory.”TM
“One thing I ask….. that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life.”JT
Lord, keep me where you want me to be – “right in the center of your will and perfect plan for my life..”TM