God, thank you for being intimately involved with our lives. You work in wonderful ways with everyone who loves you. And they tell everyone what and how you have done it. We love to tell others. “Your Name is our favorite word; your mighty works are all we talk about.”TM
God is in charge of it all. I love the way you handle things, Lord. God says, “I’m calling this meeting to order. I’m ready to set things right. When the earth goes topsy-turvy and nobody knows which end is up, I nail it all down, I put everything in place again. I say to the smart alecks, ‘That’s enough,’ to the bullies, ‘Not so fast.’ “TM
God crushes all his opposition. “God rules: he brings this one down to his knees, pulls that one up on her feet.”TM They don’t have a chance against you. You hate the wicked, but you defend the lowly & righteous. “And I’m telling the story of God Eternal… The fists of the wicked are bloody stumps, The arms of the righteous are lofty green branches.”TM
Don’t be deceived! The righteous are rewarded, the wicked are punished.