Very loose paraphrase (very loose!) God is really good to people who sincerely love Him…But, I almost lost his goodness because I took a selfish look at the rich, famous and powerful and started to envy them. I was thinking to myself “they have everything they want! They don’t have to do without anything – they can buy it all – even people to serve their every desire. They get all the attention and praise of society!! They can even get away with murder with few consequences! And they don’t even fear God
– and God doesn’t seem to care! What’s the use??? “What’s going on here? Is God out to lunch? Nobody’s tending the store.”TM
But when I study your word I realize, “the slippery road you put them on,”TM leading to nothing but “a final crash in the ditch of delusion.”TM All their pleasure, prestige and possessions are meaningless. Their lives will be like waking up from a dream – it felt good for a while, but it was not real. But You hold the hand of those who sincerely love you. Instead of the fleeting three “p’s” (possessions, pleasure & prestige) You lead them by the hand to green pastures and still waters where the important blessings overflow their cups. You make their hardships like dreams, and the best and greatest of all their dreams you make a reality! Yes, “No doubt about it! God is good.”TM