We need to be praying for our leaders. This is an example of the kinds of things we should pray for:

Give him the gift of leadership
Help him judge righteously
Let him treat the meek & lowly with respect
Teach him to stand up for the poor
Lead him to want to help the children of the needy
Show him how to execute swift justice on the cruel
Direct him in the paths of peace
Give him victory over enemies
Teach him to rescue the poor immediately
Show him how to be gracious to the needy
“Open a place in his heart for the down-and-out”TM
Make him restore “the wretched of the earth.”TM
Enable him to free “…them from tyranny and torture…”TM
Show him how to identify with their hurt
“Deck him out in Sheba gold.”TM
“Bless him from morning to night.”TM
Give him “fields of golden grain in the land…”TM
Draw from him “Cornucopias of praise…”TM
Let “his fame shine on like sunshine.”TM
Let him worship “…the one and only wonder-working God!”TM

To these prayers Lord, answer “Yes and Yes and Yes.”TM