Adding my periphrastic explanation of the thoughts that are contained in this psalm results in this: I often end up wandering in a “wasteland”TM while enjoying all the things this world has to offer. I’m hungry and thirsty for something and I tryto find fulfillment in pleasure, possessions, and/or prestige! But every time I get another kick, toy or promotion – I find I’m still hungry! (Hungry for some good love, hungry through and through) Nothing has met my need. Then, I turn to you, God! I go to church and sing to you with all the other believers who worship you. I listen to your word and think seriously about what you have to say, and you know the pains of hunger subside… but that’s not saying it strong enough, it’s like eating “my fill of prime rib and gravy. I smack my lips!”TM You completely satisfy my hunger! Don’t forget to “DINE ON HIM……!” In a parched and weary land, He will satisfy every hunger and quench every thirst!