When trouble comes I go to God for safety and protection. I hide myself with Him until the trouble passes. When I’m with Him, I tell Him all my troubles. I pour out my heart to him – He loves me, and listens to all I have to say and when I ask Him for help, He steps in and rescues me from whatever problem or enemy
is facing me. I take my troubles to God “…God, who fulfills His purpose for me.”NIV He won’t let anyone or anything interfere with His purpose and plan for my life. (Remember Jer 29:11, God tells us that His “plans for us are for good not for bad, plans that give us hope and a future.”NIV)
It seems I’m always in some kind of trouble with something or someone who tries their best to get rid of me or to hurt me in some way. But you God, don’t let them. Therefore, “..my heart is quiet and confident.”LB That’s why I get up before the sun to tell you how wonderful you are and to spend time with you. “I will awake the Dawn”NIV to proclaim your wonderful love to everyone.
So, my friends, as James says, “Draw close to the Lord and He will draw close to you.”