Wow! What great thoughts from David’s powerful confession of sin. The thought that struck me hardest was that no matter what terrible sin you or I have committed in the past, there is always room for forgiveness. David committed adultery and Murder, and when confessed to God with sincere repentance he says, “…you wipe away my sins…. you cleanse me from all my guilt! …Wash me with Hyssop and I will be whiter than snow.”NLT Wow, do you get that? David is telling us that no matter how dirty we get in life we can become perfectly clean again. “God, you make me feel brand new!!!” I love that. I can start over again. Remember etch-a-sketch!!! Wow, when you made a mistake you just turned it over and shook the metal flakes down and you could start all over again. No trace of the error!! Every day, “May God make you feel brand new.”