Praise to God is Music to my ears! We should hear it from heaven! Everything in heaven praises God…. angels, archangels, sun, moon, morning stars, rain clouds – He made it all & “He set them in place from all time to eternity; He gave his orders and that’s it!” TM Praise to God is Music to my ears! We should hear it upon earth! It comes from the fathomless oceans deep, from everything living in it, it comes from the sky: “fire and hail, snow and ice and even hurricanes obeying his commands.”TM It comes from apple orchards and cedar forests: “wild beasts and herds of cattle, snakes and birds in flight.”TM People everywhere must praise him! “robust men and women in their prime… gray beards and little children.”TM Praise the name of God!! “It’s the only name worth praising.”TM Anything else you praise in song is praising God. Songs about God are music to my ears! Let the music begin…. Strike up the band! Why sing about anything else! Anything that’s beautiful or excellent in anyway received its beauty and glory from God. So don’t praise the Sunset! Praise the God that created it!
Anything that focuses on the created rather than the creator is called “idolatry.” So let’s sing about the Creator! Strike up the band!