I’m singing about my God, because it’s the right thing to do. We must never stop the music! Hearing people Praise God is music to my ears! Never let the music stop! “Sing to God… play music on your instruments.”TM He is responsible for the clouds in the skies, the rain on the earth.. grass turning green all around… the coming of spring. C’mon rockin’ robins, rock in the tree tops all day long! Praise the coming of spring at God’s command! He also brings winter. “He gives snow like wool.” NLV He brings us a winter wonderland! So sing about how wonderful God is! Don’t waste your time singing about horses or humans. “He’s not impressed with horse-power; the size of our muscles means nothing to him.”TM He’s not impressed by Big Bad Leroy Brown, Big Bad John, or the secret agent man!
Praise him with your voice! It’s music to my ears! Praise him with every instrument you have! It’s music to my ears! But praise him, and him alone! It’s music to my ears!!!
“Help me not to put my trust in mortal man, but to look only to you.”JT Let my songs praise you, Lord, every day of my life! And may the praise of You as the one true God never stop being music to my ears! Never stop the music!