Strike up the band! Call the backup singers! I’m ready to sing to God for the rest of my life! Tune up the instruments! Let the music start and never stop. Like the rockin robin, I want to fill every morning singing my song of praise to God! I don’t want to bother singing about anything else! Especially people! “Mere humans don’t have what it takes.”TM “But God is God for good.”TM “The Lord will rule forever . . . over all people for all time.”NLV (New translation = New Life Version). So sing about God and “know real life blessings.”TM Sing songs that tell all about God’s greatness. like:
He created everything – He can make the gray sky blue! He can make it rain whenever he wants it to! (HE can even get next to you!)
He Delivers the hurting – When it hurts so baaaaad, when there are tears on my pillow and pain in my heart, when there ain’t no sunshine… when I’m cryyyyying.. crying…, when I’m down and troubled, when I’m weary feeling low… when one is the loneliest number – He picks me up with His songs. You see He is music, and He writes the songs!
He sets the prisoners free – All we do is cry, release me, let me go… and along comes the Lord! “He helps them who have a bad power over them.”NLV
He defends the defenseless – When I can’t help myself, he rescues me!
He feeds those who are hungry through and through – Hungry for His good love… His everlasting love! He touches us and we sing, “My cup runneth over with love.”
“God is God for good.”TM