He (God) is my “mountain of love.” He is “the bedrock on which I stand.” TM “A mighty fortress is my God!” He is “the castle in which I live.”TM I cry out “Rescue Me!” The great God of heaven charges in on a white stallion with lance held high and armor shining! He really “lights my fire,” when he “steps down out of heaven” TM to act on my behalf. When He acts, it’s “lightening striking again”TM as the sky opens and He reaches down and “pulls me out of the ocean of hate…”TM He “rescues me,”TM from “Jack the knife” back stabbers and masquerading well-wishers with hidden agendas. I need only to trust in HIM!
This psalm includes a wonderful prayer for the nation. We should pray this ourselves. “Make our sons.. like sturdy oak trees… our daughters as bright as fields of wild flowers…. fill our barns with great harvest, fill our fields with huge herds. Protect us from
invasion… (and) eliminate the crime in our streets.” TM
“Happy indeed are those whose God is the Lord.” NLT