Well, here we are in the pit (Babylon) we dug for ourselves – living out the consequences of a long history of wrong decisions & bad choices. I’m sitting in the waiting room of the police station in hand cuffs. I’m in line for a free meal at the rescue mission with a pint in my pocket. I’m in the principal’s office holding my math test with someone else’s answers. It’s time to repent!! “I cried and cried – remembering the good old days.”TM I think of sitting as a family in church. I remember Sunday dinners together. I remember made beds with clean sheets. I remember the music we played & sang to. “How could I ever sing … a song in this wasteland.” TM But, now that I see the consequences of straying from your plan for my life, I want to rededicate myself to your truth! Please help me, God! Get me out of this mess! When you do, I promise I will never forget you. “…if I ever forget you… let my fingers wither and fall off like leaves. Let my tongue swell and turn black…. if I fail to honor you as my greatest.”TM