Title: God sings His Greatest Hits!
“I can’t stop loving you, I’ve made up my mind!”
“Till the twelfth of never, I’ll still be loving you.”
“I love you tender, love you true, I’ll never let you go.”
“I’ll love you forever! I’ll leave you never!”
“Till the end of time.”
“I know I’m gonna love you, for a long, long time…”
And many, many more!!!
“When God loves a Human” his love “never quits.”TM He’s the faithful lover of all! He’s the one who made the universe for us, set the earth’s foundation, “filled the skies with light” for us, gave us eyes and filled the world with color. Gave us ears and filled the world with birds & music. Gave us taste buds and filled the world with flavors! But most of all He’s the God that delivers us from all our sorrows, pains, and sufferings at the hand of Sin. He has done all this, and he wants to give you more, because he’ll never stop loving you.
And his greatest hit of all: “When you’re weary, feeling small, when tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all! Like a bridge over troubled waters, I have laid me down…..”(on the cross at calvary)
Have you crossed the bridge?