God has committed Himself totally to us. Just as God chose Jerusalem (Jacob) as his place of residence in the Old Testament, so He has chosen you, the believer, as His place of residence
through the Holy Spirit in the New Testament. “For the Lord has chosen (you), He has desired (you) as his home. ‘This is my home where I will live forever’ he said. ‘I will live here, for this is the one I desired. … I will make you prosperous and satisfy (every hunger)… and (you) will sing for joy.”TM

We should commit ourselves similarly to Him. Notice the description of David’s devotion in this Psalm. David promised God, “..I’m not going to bed, not even to take time to rest until I find a home for God.”TM
“Oh that I could say with David that I will never allow anything to come before my personal time with You (God).”JT