“If God hadn’t been for us – all together now” (believers sing out!!) – “If God hadn’t been for us “we would have been swallowed alive”TM by the python who’s out to get us. We would have “drowned in the torrent”TM of our sorrows, “we would have been swept away in the wild, raging waters”TM of our problems. We were “as helpless as a rabbit in a pack of snarling dogs.”TM But God is on our side! He sets us “free from their fangs”TM that threaten us. He set us “free of their traps”TM to enslave us to sin – the sins that hold us and won’t let go! – “Their grip is broken.”TM Because God has saved us, “we’re free as a bird in flight.”TM Free at last…. Free at last….. Thank God almighty, I’m free at last!